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Solutions for potting requirements

Modern lifestyle is filled and run with products that are manufactured with highly developed technology.  Smartphones, LED's, cars - all feature in our daily lives.  All of these products contain resins, not necessarily visible, but essential for their accurate and reliable functionality.


Potting is a method for processing resin such as silicones, polyurethanes or epoxy resins in liquid form to cover electrical components such as PCBs or for filling out cavities and providing protection from harsh environments.  

The precise operation of metering and mixing systems is particularly important for resin casting in the electrical and electronic industry. After the curing process, the resins protect the components against moisture, dust or damage and provide a long life-time protection.


Potting solutions that we provide offer accurate, precise and reliable  metering, mixing and application of resins, always aligned to the individual requirements of our customers.

Resin Processing Solutions Electronic Potting
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