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Solutions for the LED Industry

LEDs are used for various modern day applications including torches, traffic, automotive and street lights.  They are also used for aesthetic effects in swimming pools and water features and to create creative and striking optical effects in showcases and performances.


The significant benefits of LED compared to incandescent light bulb, has led to further applications that would not be possible without potting. The potting compounds used for such applications are polyurethane (PU) or silicone-based two-component solutions. They are intended to protect the LEDs against extreme heat, moisture, vibrations and mechanical damage.

Our comprehensive two-component compound metering and mixing systems for manual and automated applications ensure absolute process stability with the precise maintenance of the specified mixing ratios, a high metering accuracy, a high flow rate and bubble-free application that is the decisive prerequisite to ensure stable potting. 

Resin Processing Solutions LED Industry
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