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Solutions for the Electronics Industry

Electrical and electronic components are often subjected to extreme and unstable environments and need to be protected from the effects thereof.  In order to ensure protection against vibration, heat, moisture or dust, and to ensure reliable and operation and electrical insulation, components are potted with liquid compounds.

Mixing and metering systems provided by our technology partners enable repeatable high-precision potting solutions.  Most of the potting compounds used in electronics are polymers based on polyurethane (PU), epoxy resin and silicone. They provide high thermal stability and can transform from liquid to an extremely hard and protective compound.  e.g. PU cast resins are used for numerous applications such as potting of printed circuit transformers in PCBs. PU cast resins that belong to the class F of the insulation system and show a high thermal stability are increasingly being used for potting electronic components while elastic PU cast resins are being used for automobile electronic systems.

Resin Processing Solutions offers a complete product line designed specifically to benefit the needs of the electronics industry.

Potting electrical components
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