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Resin Processing Solutions is dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to the local industry challenges, in partnership with International companies specialising in the equipment to Process Resins, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyurethane Foams, Polyester Resins, Silicones and much more. Our dedicated team ensures to achieve the most comprehensive service to our customers 24/7 countrywide. - Click here


Resin Processing Solutions

Autochem was established in South Africa in 1982 by Andre Schlenk as the sole agent for Dopag AG in southern Africa. Following the sale of the first machine to a Cape Town company, Bayalex, in 1983, the company quickly grew in stature and reputation. From the outset, it was obvious that Autochem was fulfilling a much needed service for South African industry in the field of dispensing equipment, supplying single and two part meteringmixing and dispensing equipment.

Ten years after its launch, the company was renamed - Resin Processing Solutions, or R.P.S, to reflect a new direction and focus. The year 1992 was eventful for R.P.S: a new agency was added, Verfahrenstechnik Heubers Gmbh (VTH), which specialised in the metering and mixing of completely evacuated materials, ensuring a 100% air free mix; and an exciting new partnership was formed with EDF, now known as Sonderhoff Engineering, a specialist in the field of insitu gasket and filter applications.

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