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Openair-Plasma® enables strong and sustainable applications in the building industry

 24 May 2022

Sustainable building will become one of the most outstanding tasks of our time. Whether it is the minimization of energy requirements in the utilization phase, the inclusion of renewable energies, the avoidance of unnecessary surface sealing or the use of sustainably produced and renewable raw materials.

In this free PlasmaTalk, Thomas Markert uses best practices to explain how plasma helps secure critical connections, treat complex geometries and protect harsh environmental conditions. Learn more about Openair Plasma® and its benefits:


 Activation of EPDM Profiles by Openair-Plasma®

7 June 2022

Manufacturing EPDM profiles for the automotive industry is a complex and time-consuming production process. Since more than 20 years Openair-Plasma® technology is used in the EPDM profile industry, and supports and helps you optimize your manufacturing process.

With Openair-Plasma® technology you can pretreat your product, prepare it for further production processes and increase its quality. An important step for EPDM profiles is to activate the different elastomer materials you use. With this activation the adhesion, for example for flocking, tape application and anti-friction coating is more durable. Former mechanical brushing and wet chemical processes switched into eco-friendly, safe and faster processess.