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Hot Melt Anti-Adhesion Compound


PriceFrom R4 580,55
VAT Included
  • Gardex Hot Melt / PUR Release Agent is a unique formulation developed to prevent hot melt and PUR (polyurethane reactive) adhesive from sticking to all types of machinery, components and areas of overspray. 

    Unwanted hot melt and PUR adhesive build-up can create a wide range of problems, leading to machine downtime and loss of production.

    Gardex – PUR / Hot Melt Release Agent has been specifically developed to prevent hot melt / PUR adhesive build-up and is one of the most versatile hot melt cleaners on the market.

    Gardex is:

    • Non Toxic
    • Non Flammable
    • Odourless In Use
    • NSF Approved
  • Please email orders to:

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